Nitro-MemOptimizer 1.0

Nitro-MemOptimizer can optimize the usage of your system´s memory (See all)

Nitro-MemOptimizer is a program that can optimize the usage of your system´s memory.
It achieves this by terminating some memory consuming processes which are not very important for your system. The other processes can use the free memory, so your system will run at a higher speed.

The installation of Nitro-MemOptimizer will put a small icon in the system tray. Right-clicking on that icon you will see a context menu that will let you to open the program´s main window. Through this window the program will show you the amount of installed and used memory. As the program will perform periodical optimizations, you can set in this window how much time you want to wait between optimizations. You will also see a ticking clock that will show you the remaining time before launching a memory optimizations. The interface will also show a button that, when pressed, will begin the process immediately.

The user can set Nitro-MemOptimizer to start at every Windows startup. It will announce itself with a pop-up each time it is executed.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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